D2D to Tape

paul maruszewski
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D2D to Tape

Currently we have a D2D4004i with an attached tape library


There are three servers each with their own ARCserve that backup to the D2D (they backup to their own VTL on the D2D)


I would like to setup the D2D on Sundays to copy the latest backup(s) for each server to the attached tape autoloader.  so I can take the tapes offsite during the week.  I cannot seem to accomplish this.    It looks as if you have to choose particular tapes from each VTL to copy to tape, I rather it be more automatic.



Anyone have any ideas?

TapeDrive Killer 1 2
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Re: D2D to Tape

You can try to change this alittle bit and have all data be send to 1 sigle virtual cartridge then copy this cartridge only using the D2D web interface.

Pablo Alv Siles
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Re: D2D to Tape

Hi Paul,

When you create a scheduled tape copy job you can specifiy that it copies the "Last Written Cartridge".

As such when the job runs it will copy the cartridge containing the last completed backup in that virtual library.

Since your three backup servers go to three separate VTL's this should work well for you, as long as your backups fit on a single virtual cartridge.

Make sure you always leave enough time between the usual backup finish time, and the point at which the scheduled job runs otherwise you may end up offloading the wrong cartridge if the backup takes longer for any reason.

(Screenshot of the configuration page of the Wizard attached)

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