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D2D110 error on Schedule Page

David Wuyts
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D2D110 error on Schedule Page


In the web interface of the D2D administrator there is a link to schedule copy's of Virtual Tape to physical tape.

When i click on the link i get a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error.

Restarting and updating to the latest firmware did not resolve the problem.
Has anyone any idea?

Many thanks for the help!
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Re: D2D110 error on Schedule Page

Which browser and version? Which tape drive do you have attached to the unit, and by what HBA and interface?

Has this ever worked, or are you just trying it for the first time? (I've done this successfully many times with the Firefox browser, so I know it can work)
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Re: D2D110 error on Schedule Page

Hi David,
This is a known issue which affected a very small number of D2D systems.
You need to contact customer support in order to get it fixed as it needs support engineer intervention. (with remote access)
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