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D2D2504i implementation question

Rodrigo Verissimo
Occasional Advisor

D2D2504i implementation question

Hello group !

We are currently planning the purchase of this solution. The backup solution retained is Arcserve 12.5 (compulsory)

We have several questions :
The quickspecs says that the D2D2504i can connect to directly attached (not iscsi) tape libraries.

We are planning to use arcserve to backup to the disks of the D2D2504i at night, then to the autoloader during the day to the directly attached autoloader.

-How is deduplication handled ? Seamlessly by the D2D ? Or by Arcserve ?
(are the "32DS CA ARCserve r12.0 Disk to Disk to Tape Option" and 325E CA ARCserve r12.0 for Windows Tape Library Option necessary) ?
-Is there a limit of 6 servers to backup ?
-Is this setup realistic ?

Thanks you for any information on this subject
Rodrigo Verissimo
Occasional Advisor

Re: D2D2504i implementation question

I searched on CA support connect and it states that it supports D2D500 thru ISCSI.
That probably means that arcserve need to be installed on another server preferably with an hardware ISCSI HBA initiator.

It also says that drives supported are D2D4004 which probably means that the virtual library emulated needs to be a D2D4004.

Please help me to confirm this, and also if the D2D is responsible for disk to physical tape operations (D2D will be connected to a real autoloader)

Rodrigo Verissimo
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Re: D2D2504i implementation question

I have found the solutions to almost all my questions.

I have read all the documentation on hp about D2D2504i, and it seems that the physicial autoloader is not seen on the network as an ISCI target.
The disk to tape operations are managed thru the web interface of the D2D (according the docs)

Moreover, one full height slot of the D2D2504i is already used by a P400 card

I dont know what SAS or SCSI HBA are supported by the D2D, but since we will choose de 1/8 LTO3 tape autoloader, it has a SAS interface, the proposed HBA on the product page is HP SC44Ge Host Bus Adapter

I hope it has a low profile bracket included.

Anyone knows what is the best HBA to choose to connect the autoloader ?

Nuno Slva
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Re: D2D2504i implementation question

My problem is diferent, i have a HP SC44ge inside D2D2504i and 1/8 Tape library connected, but the question is - were is the option "tape attach" on configuration Web interface on D2D2504i?? I have all options but "tape Attach" is missing.
Can you please help?
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Re: D2D2504i implementation question

Hi i am tying to do that too ,Did you find help? could you mke it work?