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D2D4324 - G2 - Housekeeping / Dedup Question

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D2D4324 - G2 - Housekeeping / Dedup Question


i am using a HP D2D4324 G2 with Backup Exec 2014.
I think i have configured everything fine and read all Best Practices Guides.
The System ist running for about 1,5 Years now.

I realzied some days ago my dedup ratio is going down more and more.
A few month ago i had a dedup Ratio 10:1. Meanwhile i am at 3.5:1.
My used Disk Space is meanwhile at 88%.

I am not able to determine if there is a problem or not.
I am not able to expain, why my dedup ratio gets worse.

I attached a Screenshot from my Housekeeping Overview.
What i am wondering about is the many of received Jobs and the few proccessed ones.

Maybe some has any help for me.
Many Thanks!

Kind Regards