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D2d4004i iSCSI authentication

Joshua Small_2
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D2d4004i iSCSI authentication


We've had a D2D4004i in operation for some time now.
When it was built, I assumed I was reading the manual incorrectly - the section which appeared to stated if a user went to a server and pointed an iSCSI initiator at it, it would create a new library for that server by default.

From the iSCSI SAN's I've worked with, there's always been a case of setting up a password for discovery, then another password for logon to a LUN. Then I can usually lock it down further by restricting access to an IP address range.

But I've found that by opening ESXi's storage management and just putting in the D2D's IP address as a discovery target, the D2D responds by creating a whole new tape library for it.

True, I can pre-create a library with a CHAP password requirement, preventing someone from accessing my business data.

But I looked at my server today and it had seven different Virtual Tape Libraries, from various people for various reasons performing on iSCSI discovery on this device - and I don't appear to be able to stop anyone from going ahead and consuming space should they be so inclined.

Beyond just placing this behind a firewall and letting it filter based on IP, I had really hoped I could turn off this autocreation "feature", apply a discovery password, or both.

Any assistance on this would be appreciated.



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