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Disk to Disk to Tape Encryption


Disk to Disk to Tape Encryption

Hello All
I have a new backup solution and i need to cover all possible features:-

My new Solution will be VLS9000 in main and DR Sites, with de-duplication and replication licenses , i am thinking of data offload action each month to an offsite copy using LTO 4 Tape Media
i already have an MSL 6030 in the main site ,,,

How can I implement encryption (Software encryption for the data being backuped on media tapes ) no need for encryption on the VLS it self

what i need for the data being offloaded on a media tape to be encrypted

Can any one advice me what are required to implement this or any other features to perform such an idea like this

Best Regards



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Dave Dewar
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Re: Disk to Disk to Tape Encryption

LTO4 supports hardware encryption.
You will need your ISV application that is performing your tape copy from the VLS to the LTO4 to support LTO4's hardware encryption functionality.