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Emulating a LTO-4 on a VTL 6200

Juan de Los Palotes
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Emulating a LTO-4 on a VTL 6200

Hi Guys.

Rigth now I'have installed a VTL 6200, but when I try to create a Library with a LTO-4 Drive. I can't see the LTO-4 emulation on the configuration screen. Anybody have an idea if is something necessary to get this type of drive emulation.

Thanks in advance.



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Re: Emulating a LTO-4 on a VTL 6200

I don't think you can emulate LTO-4 in a VTL 6200.
Is there any particular reason you would want to have LTO-4 specifically? The emulation only sets the identity string of the virtual device, it doesn't affect the performance or cartridge size implicitly.