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External Group on StoreOnce 3540

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External Group on StoreOnce 3540

I am trying to set up an external group for authentication on our new StoreOnce 3540. The appliance is running v3.16.5-1746.4 software. The appliance is joined to our 2008R2 AD domain.

I add the AD group to the appliance and when I try to log in using an AD user account that is a member of the group, I receive an 'Authentication Failed' message and stay on the initial login page. If I then log in with the local Admin account and look at the Events, I see an event which does not indicate that the login failed:

Audit event [Login Date: Mar 1 16:13:50, User, Host (GUI)]

compared to the usual event when a login does fail:

Audit event [FAILED LOGIN ATTEMPT DETECTED Date: Mar 1 15:49:11, User su-danderson, Host (GUI)]


I have tried all combinations of domain and username ({domain}\{username}, {username}@{domain}) and none seem to have success.

I can add an AD user as an external user and am able to successfully log in usually that method.

I have tried the above on both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 11 browsers.


Has anybody successfully got the external group authentication working ?




Re: External Group on StoreOnce 3540

Try entering the username without the domain at all. 

Also, do you have any special character in the password? 

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