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HP 6227 VLS and DP6.0 and LTO-4

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SeanAmicus ITS

HP 6227 VLS and DP6.0 and LTO-4

Hi Everyone,

Hopefully there are some US HP bods in the VTS dept who can help?

I tried our usual partner support and got shuffed off to India. Kinda frustrating trying to phonetically spell your name 8 times anyway...

I've sold a DP 6.0 solution to a healthcare customer here in the UK, they are going to kick out Arcserve ( which we all know was good until CA got their hands on it) and replace it with DP6.0 as they have some TRU-64 systems.

I've got a new 6227 + three of DL380's. One running x64 Windows as the Cell Manager. Two media servers one Redhat 5.1 ES and one Windows 2003 R2 x86.

I'm doing some bench testing here in our offices as I've not deployed one before.

I've got a couple of questions....

When will the VLS6227 support the LTO-4 tape drive? Is there a firmware upgrade for it?

The unit shipped with 2.1.0 and I've restored it from the DVD.

As a test destination library I have managed to lay my hands on an IBM 4560 SLX which has a FC router, reading the admin guide it seems pretty expilcit on what libraries are support all being HP. For testing this wouldn't work would it?

Thanks in advance

Sean :-)
Don't believe the hype, test it first!
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Re: HP 6227 VLS and DP6.0 and LTO-4

On the VLS usage of LTO4 tape drives, the VLS does not build virtual LTO4 libraries, but you could increase the cartridge capacity, the critical feature missing in virtual tapes is the LTO4 encryption. No upgrade is planned at this time.

If you are indicating the Automigration side, it is OK to use LTO4 drives, however, the LTO4 takes a bit longer to rewind, and that could cause a false offline notification. As to working with IBM physical libraries with Automigration, this is not supported, that is we have not tested that combination. The Automigration does detect the physical library characteristics and uses only a small set of standard library capabilities.

SeanAmicus ITS

Re: HP 6227 VLS and DP6.0 and LTO-4

Thanks Don,

I'd like to keep things as simple as possible, as the client is switching over from Arcserve to DP6.0 and has not used a VTS system before.

I've config'd up a Virtual 4 LTO-3 MSL6060, with around 10 * 400GB Carts.

Could I config up 800GB carts instead? This would roughly equate to the MSL6030 LTO-4 library it's going to hook up to.

Would the Smartcopy automig be able to import the LTO-4 barcodes and media from the physical library into the virtual environment?
Don't believe the hype, test it first!