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HP D2D120 Backup System - raid disk problem

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HP D2D120 Backup System - raid disk problem

Hello out there,

some days ago I bought a disk-to-disk backup system (HP Storageworks D2D120 Backup System).

The system looks very nice and comfortable. But for the first startup and configuration I wasn't able to configure the software raid in the webinterface of the system, because the physical disks are not detected.
So, I tried to initialize the raid in the webinterface but with no effect.

The disks are 4 sata drives from Seagate with the model number ST3500630NS and 500 GB data capacity (firmware 3.BJH).
The firmware of the HP D2D120 Backup System is the latest firmware (kn7B-001.559).

Please let me know, if this problem already occured to someone. I would be very grateful if somebody could give me an advice. Thanks in advance. :-)


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