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HP D2D4106fc Backup System EH998A

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HP D2D4106fc Backup System EH998A

Hello together,


we did a factory default from the System. BIOS > System Default Options > Restore Settings/Erase boot Disk !!!

The Backup System ( Operating System ) was before installed at the USB 4GB Flash Stick, but the Stick is emty now!!!.


Is there a way to restore the Backup System to the USB Stick, maybe from a Software Depot at HP?


Many Greetings for help us.



Johan Guldmyr
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Re: HP D2D4106fc Backup System EH998A

Hello, I couldn't find any way by looking around.
No softwares that claim to perform this function on the support/drivers page or any D2D at all on the software depot.

I wonder if the only way is to ask for a replacement of the USB key.