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HP Storeonce 4500 Firmware Upgrade

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HP Storeonce 4500 Firmware Upgrade

I'm trying to update HP store once 4500 firmware version 3.9.4 to 3.13.9 but I'm getting system error.

I'm not able to get any firmware version lower than 13.13.9, secondly can I upgrade to the latest version without following a sequential upgrade procedure as HP shows in update guide.

Please see below here for where the upgrade fails. any assistance will be highly appreciated.

# system update packages Initializing.

Verifying staged package repository integrity.

Package stage area verification successful.

Updating cluster from version '3.9.4-1411.2' to '3.13.9-1843.1'.

Reboot will occur after update completes.

Installing update tool packages. Can take 5 minutes to complete.

Installing: D2D_UpdateTools

Install successful

Update tool package installation successful. 0 minutes elapsed.

Updating from version '3.9.4-1411.2' to '3.13.9-1843.1'.

Reboot will occur after update completes.

ERROR Upgrading from 3.9.4 to 3.13.9 is not supported.

Removing update tools packages.

Update encountered system error(s) before starting the update.

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Re: HP Storeonce 4500 Firmware Upgrade


If you don't have any data on this system or data can be deleted you can QR the system directly to the latest code which for the StoreOnce 4500 is 3.18.18.

If there is data that need to be preserved then the only option is to go sequential and it will be 3.9.4 --> 3.11.7 --> 3.13.9 --> 3.16.3 --> 3.18.7 --> 3.18.18