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HP Storeonce 4500 and Arcserve 16.0

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HP Storeonce 4500 and Arcserve 16.0



I am in the process of setting up a new HP Storeonce 4500 for D2D backup.  We are migrating off a old P2000.  For back up purposes we are using Veeam for our vm's and Arcserve for our remaining physicals.  I have two shares set up on the 4500, one for Veeam and one for Arcserve.  Veeam sees the share and has been backing up successfully.  I cannot get Arcserve to see the share.  Does anyone have experience with one of these and Arcserve?   When I am in Arcserve and go under manage disk based devices, I cannot get it to see the Arcserve share I created.   I appreciate any help.




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