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HPE StoreOnce 3540 CIFS share w/AD - add local users

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HPE StoreOnce 3540 CIFS share w/AD - add local users

I have created a CIFS share with AD authentication.  AD authentication is working great but I need to add a local user account as well.  We rename our local administrator account on our Windows computers.  I would like to be able to login as the local admin account and still access the share.

I can add local users as administrators of the storage server but they don't have access to the share.  I tried adding a user from the computer management application but it wouldn't let me do that either.  Then I tried adding the local admin account to the share permissions but that didn't work either.  How can you add local users in addition to the AD user authentication?


Re: HPE StoreOnce 3540 CIFS share w/AD - add local users


There are three type authentication available for the CIFS shares.

1. None (default) -> Any user from the network can access the shares.

2. User --> You can create specific users, in storeonce side and assign permission for the same users. From any client you can access the shares by using the username /password which is created on the storeonce. 

3. AD --> The shares can shared via Active Directory authentication (as us are aware of it). 

Now, if you enable any one of them, other 2 type of authentication will be disabled by default and you cannot use both AD and user at same time. (due to security reasons). 

If you want to use User mode, a single username/password is enoughh and from any windows client you can access the shares. 


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