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HPE StoreOnce 3640 - Housekeeping / Statistics

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HPE StoreOnce 3640 - Housekeeping / Statistics


comming from an old  "HP StoreOnce 4430" I'm missing a bit of informations and settings.

1. Housekeeping

- in the Systems User Guide I can find multiple points about housekeeping, but none of them mentioned where I can manage Houekeeping (Blackout Windows)

» Why is that point missing in the GUI and documentation?

» Is Housekeeping now selfmanged? (Why not mentioned?)

» Housekeeping stats shows only the whole system, no specific store


2. Statistics 

- In the 4430 > StoreOnce Catalyst > Reporting I have the option to get detailed information (dedup ratio, disk storage, storage change daily/weekly) about any selected store, so I can directly see what store grew over night extremly

» At the moment I just see stats only for the whole system

» Size, dedup ratio per store via Data Services, but with no history


Am I missing some report settings in the new StoreOnce or what is the reason of less information?


Thank you!


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Got information from HPE Support:

1. Housekeeping

- >= GEN4 is selfmanaged, missed information in the user guide is already addressed

- detailed HK stats are "only" available via custom graphs in Reports (the Systems User Guide is not their best work..)

Caution bug! - if you use stores with underscore/underline in name, only the part before will be shown (e.g. Filesystem_<Landscape> - only Filesystem is shown in the graph) - If you now have multiple stores that begins with a key word and underscore, you cannot add that graphs for later, because you don't see which store is really shown


2. Stats

- it's the same as for HK, need to add custom graphs for detailed information, but still missing a percentage value like in our previous generation, so I have to use stats with a different point of view for now...