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HPE StoreOnce 3640 - SSL Wildcard Certificate

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HPE StoreOnce 3640 - SSL Wildcard Certificate


I'm a bit confused about the certificate import process, because I'm not able to use our own signed company wildcard certificate, which we're using for all our applications/server. Why, so we need not for any new server/app a new request, just every year a new wildcard certificate.

I can upload the root and wildcard to the Certificate Authority (CA) section, but I cannot delete the default certificate.

Any idea what I missed? The system user guide doesn't helped me..

» At first, is it possible?

» If yes, how can I import that wildcard certificate?


Thanks for any help!

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Re: HPE StoreOnce 3640 - SSL Wildcard Certificate

Hello @TobiasPätz,

Thanks for using HPE StoreOnce Community Forum.

Not sure to follow your inquires, but hopefully this might help.

  • Make sure certificates are imported one at a time, we do not support multiple certificates import at once.
  • Ensure there is a StoreOnce certificate generated and imported.
  • Once imported the certificates, restart the browser and test accessing the StoreOnce interface
  • The certificate is not allowed to be deleted.

Let us know if that helped.

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Re: HPE StoreOnce 3640 - SSL Wildcard Certificate

Hi ,

Thanks for your reply.

OK, so if couldn't be deleted, the only way to get a working SSL is to generate CSR and import the self signed certificate?

I've imported our root and main certificate and changed the CN and O to our values.

But open a new session root is still but the main is correct.


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Re: HPE StoreOnce 3640 - SSL Wildcard Certificate

Confirmed by support, using an already signed wildcard certificate with owned private key is not possible, you have to generate a CSR from the StoreOnce and sign it.