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HPE StoreOnce 6600

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HPE StoreOnce 6600

I recently had a series of errors on the StoreOnce 6600 device including

com.ibrix.ias.model.BusinessException: Filesystem [ifs1 ] is not fully mounted for [SSID1], so notstarting

File system ifs1 is not mounted.
Incorrect usage size reported for file system ifs1.
File system ifs1 is not mounted on node hp18826fc710-1.
File system ifs1 is not mounted on node hp18826fc710-2.

login as: Admin
Admin@'s password:
Last login: Tue Aug 14 12:37:52 2018 from
Error reading vtl configuration parameters. Some vtl commands will not work correctly
Welcome to the HPE StoreOnce Command Line Interface.


and service set not started also the pool is faild and volume is offline

are you help me for about this problem , also i need to HP Support password storeOnce 6600 for this command : hardware delete storage

Command Failed - This command is available to hp support only


Re: HPE StoreOnce 6600

You will need to open a support case for this issue.

I am an HPE Employee
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