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How to achieve deduplication in DataProtector 8.0

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How to achieve deduplication in DataProtector 8.0



We are setting up the deduplication disk in DataProtector 8.0.

We heard about the 'StoreOnce' software for deduplication.



1. How to configure deduplication disk in HP DataProtector?

2. Does it requires license?

3. Do we need to install 'StoreOnce'? And is it a licensed software?



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Re: How to achieve deduplication in DataProtector 8.0

I'm not an data protector expert at all.

But AFAIK the solution is hardware based, called StoreOnce. This Hard-/Software solution is emulating tape libraries and can do dedup. As an alternative the DP software can do the dedup job and store the processed data to the storage.

Have a look at StoreOnce B6200 and 6500 (or smaller single systems, just search HP web for StoreOnce.

Consider to watch this too:

Hope this helps!

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