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Looking for volunteers to provide VLS product feedback

Peter King (HP)
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Looking for volunteers to provide VLS product feedback

I'm new to this forum - so I hope this posting is appropriate for this group.
I work in the HP StorageWorks Customer Satisfaction organization and am looking to run a pilot program - to gather customer feedback from VLS users - on a periodic basis.
I am looking to identify VLS users who might be interested in participating in this process.
This is really NOT about big surveys & satisfaction metrics - it is really about trying to identify & understand satisfaction issues & opportunities in QUALTATIVE terms.
My goal is to identify a group of VLS users who would be willing to provide qualitative feedback - on a range of VLS user topics - on an ongoing/quarterly basis.
The goal would be to use this feedback to help drive improvement in HP's VLS products, services & solutions. As part of this process we would aim to close the loop with respondents and keep then updated on issues raised & improvement plans.
The process would be run offline i.e. outside of this forum.
If you are interested in participating and/or would like more details - please let me know.
Many thanks.
SeanAmicus ITS

Re: Looking for volunteers to provide VLS product feedback


I work for an HP ABSP Partner in UK.

We are about to put in a HP6227 VLS in at Healthcare client.

I'll mention it to them, they may be up for it.

My email is


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