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Manager Processing for VTLs

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Manager Processing for VTLs

HP StorageWorks D2D4324 - G2.  All VTLs are listed as manager processing.  We have no idea what that means and can't find it anywhere.  Drives will then go to no details available then back to manager processing.


Currently running at 99.2% capacity and all backups are failing.  NetBackup can't find the drives or robots.


Unfortunately, the guy who was in charge of these decided to quit so we're running blind right now.



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Ken Krubsack
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Re: Manager Processing for VTLs

That means you may have had an ugly shutdown of the device and it is doing some internal data checking.  Did they ever come back for you?




Re: Manager Processing for VTLs

I had the same problem today on a D2D 4009FC: it took 3 hours of "manager processing" and "Load failed" status before the VTLs went back online by themselves.


It seems the system is making some checks: if you try to shutdown while VTLs are down the status remains "Stopping" for a while.

I decided after an hour to power off my D2D with no luck (probably getting all worse...)


So my advice is.... be patient!


I read that 1.2.17 solves a problem of slow VTL startup, I am still on 1.2.13 but I will upgrade soon