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New Solution needed for VLS6500 with 2x MSA20

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New Solution needed for VLS6500 with 2x MSA20

I'm looking for a new way to handle an old server

I have a Storeage Works VLS6500 with 2 MSA 20 storage boxes filled with 500GB drives.

The two MSA 20 boxes are configured to be redundant with each other so I only see 8Tb of space.
If I could break the mirror between the two boxes, or at least I would like to then I could potentially have 16Tb of space.


So far I've put Windows 2003 on and can see both MSA20 as #1 and #2 in array manager.

I do not see a way to seperate them and make each one RAID 5.


Anyone with helpful info on this subject would be appreciated.

Thanks all,



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Re: New Solution needed for VLS6500 with 2x MSA20

rhe replacement for the vls series of virtual libraries is the b6200 in addition to cirtual libraries it does nas shares for backups
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