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REST API for NAS Shares

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REST API for NAS Shares

Any reason why a call to this uri would return no data?


Even if I browse to that in a browser, there is no xml data. There definitely are shares there to get data from.2021-03-04 13_11_43-Window.png


Whats even weirder is, if I browse the uri of another device with no shares I at least see this

2021-03-04 13_14_13-Window.png

Any clue whats happening here?


Re: REST API for NAS Shares

Hello @Sean-PA,

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You are correct with the blank page as result from the API command to list the NAS shares

I researched about this and found there is a bug reported that is currently under investigation.  Hopefully will have a resolution to it soon via advisory, support communication or fix in future upgrade release.


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