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Reset SCSI bus on VLS 6500

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Reset SCSI bus on VLS 6500

I need to change the settings for the SCSI bus so it do not do an reset when the VLS is booting up.
I have found in the Enterprise Backup Solution design guide the following text:
The router provides the capability to reset SCSI buses during the router boot cycle. This allows devices on a
SCSI bus to be in a known state. The reset option can be enabled/disabled during configuration of the
Have search the User guide but can't find any info how to change it.
Can anyone tell me how to change this value.
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Re: Reset SCSI bus on VLS 6500


I am not aware of any VLS control of SCSI bus resets, so I assume you are wanting to change the Router SCSI bus mode?

I recommend that the default of "alternate" be used.

For the N1200 or E1200 Router, the parameter for target reset mode is accessed via telnet to the router IP.

The menu options are:
Performe configuration
Fibre Channel Configuration
FC Override settings

If this is not your question, please provide more detail of the issue seen. The FC router is normally connect to physical libraries, while the VLS "presents" vitrual libraries via FC.


Re: Reset SCSI bus on VLS 6500

The answer from Don solved my problem