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Slow write performance 4324G2

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Slow write performance 4324G2

Was googling and looks like other folks have had the same complaint. We purchased a D2D4324 G2 with 2nd drive shelf. Currently using it with EMC Networker. Networker also has a MSL 6060 (LTO3) and MSL 4048 (LTO4) attached to it over 4GB FC. Writing to those libraries over FC is anywhere from 90-130MB/min.Wrting to the VTL the most I ever see is 40-50MB and takes 2-3 days to backup a few TB of files off a linux host. 


I have the VTL emulating a ESL LTO 5 library with 5 drives and 64 slots (no particilar reason just chose to have it emulate a non MSL series library so to not get confused with the physical libraries. The 1G interfaces are connected as Active/Passive. 


Can someone help point me in the right direction? 

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Re: Slow write performance 4324G2

Please review the attached document. It has some Networker specific information in it. Don't know where on this has been hidden, so I attached it to this post. Let me know if this helps to speed up things for you.