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Snapshot moving to Other Storage Array

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Snapshot moving to Other Storage Array


I am working on 3Par HP 8200 Array, and have taken snapshots on the array, to protect the snapshots I want to move snapshots to other storage array so that restore can be done when parent Array is damaged, Is there way to move snapshot to other storage array.




Re: Snapshot moving to Other Storage Array

Hi Krishanrai99999,

There certainly is. Depends what you mean by 'other array' though:

You say 'protect' and 'recovery' so I am interpreting this as a data protection requirement to get data off 3PAR.

HPE Recovery Manager Central is software that integrates 3PAR snapshots with the HPE StoreOnce deduplication arrays. This means only changed blocks of the 3PAR volume are read, deduplicated and moved to StoreOnce but a synthetic full is generated in line - this feature is called Express Protect. This is very fast and efficient. Further, RMC can then move these snap generated deduplicated backups to the public or private cloud from the likes of AWS, Azure or Scality (via a feature called Cloud Bank Storage).

RMC also accelerates recovery by working out what blocks survive on the array and only reading the blocks required from either the StoreOnce or the Cloud to recover the point in time requested (this is called Express Restore).

Finally RMC can replicate to other types of array, like StoreVIrtual VSA (but also other 3PARs) if a lower cost DR array is desired (this is called Peer Copy).

More info on RMC:

If you simply mean: Other 3PAR array, then 3PAR Remote Copy can do that (which is the name for the 3PAR replication).

Both RMC and Remote Copy are included in the 3PAR Multi-Site License.


Neil Fleming

WW Product Management Team Manager, StoreOnce & RMC