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StorageWorks D2D 4009i replication issue

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StorageWorks D2D 4009i replication issue

I recently replaced the system board in my HP StorageWorks D2D 4009i backup node. This unit is my replication target. While attempting to replicate is is automatically cancelling my running replicaiton data job and is giving an error such as this below.


This is a system generated message from your


HP StorageWorks D2D Backup System


Email Notification From MY-BACKUO-NODE


22-Jan-2015 10:13:34 -0500 : Cancelled running Replication data job for file my-daily-backup12365-01-31S219876.vib on Share Backups.


Additionally; I am unable to UNC to the node using \\MY-BACKUP-NODE


It prompts me for my password, but will not accept it. I am having no issues with my source D2D node.


Also, for some reason, this unit will NOT allow me to re-join teh domain. It keeps failing on that also.


Thank you