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StorageWorks D2D2504i backup system

M. N.

StorageWorks D2D2504i backup system

I am not sure this is the right forum for issues about the HP StorageWorks D2D 2504i backup system.

If it isn't, can anybody please point me to the right forum?

I need to configure an HP StorageWorks D2D 2504i backup system in a LAN where 2 HP Procurve switches host the same VLAN.

The switches are 2 for redundancy.

I configured the Network Mode as "High Availability (Link Aggregation)", assigned a unique IP address and connected each port to a different switch.

Hosts using the D2D are connected to the same VLAN on the same switches. Each host have 2 network interfaces, each connected to a different switch.

Is it the right configuration?

How can I maximize either network performance and fault tolerance?





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