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Store once catalyst store replication to other side

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Store once catalyst store replication to other side


 i have storeonce  appliance at Primary site and DR site. i have configured store under storeonce catalyst and taking the backup through Data Protector backup tool. Now i want to replicate that store to DR site. I need help to configure it or is it possible to replicate? If yes, then what is the procedure.


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Amol Nagtilak

thanks and regards,

amol nagtilak

Re: Store once catalyst store replication to other side

Yes you can confifure the same, These are called Catalust Copy Jobs:

Backup applications to copy jobs between HP StoreOnce Backup systems. All configuration
is carried out from the backup application, which makes this an attractive alternative to using
the replication function on the HP StoreOnce Backup system.

IMP NOTE: Please be aware that You need to have a Catalyst License on the TARGET whcih is mandatory.

You can contact the DP team who can assit you to confiure the same btw sites.


Catalyst Copy has the following features:
• The Copy job is configurable from within the backup application software.
• Several source Catalyst stores can be copied into a single target Catalyst store.
• Multi-hop copy is configurable via the backup software – Source to Target 1 then onto Target
• One to many copy is also configurable but happens serially one after the other.
• With the Catalyst Agents running on remote office media servers HP StoreOnce Catalyst
technology has the ability to back up directly from remote sites to a central site, using what
is known as low bandwidth backup – essentially this uses HP StoreOnce replication technology

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