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StoreOnce 3520 SNMP MIB

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StoreOnce 3520 SNMP MIB

Hi All,

I am trying to implement SNMP monitoring on our StoreOnce 3520 but I don't understand the result of the OID.

So for the following OID:

  • "hp http mg device health"
  • Overall health of the device. The goal of this object is to be the single poll point to check the status of the device


I get the Result 1 that means unknown but normally here are the expected Results:



Here is the result:

11.12.2020 08:24:49 (17 ms) : SNMP v3
11.12.2020 08:24:49 (20 ms) : Custom OID
11.12.2020 08:24:49 (55 ms) : SNMP Datatype: ASN_INTEGER
11.12.2020 08:24:49 (59 ms) : -------
11.12.2020 08:24:49 (64 ms) : Value: 1
11.12.2020 08:24:49 (69 ms) : Done


If i monitor another OID, for example   Custom OID (hp http mg device management url label) I get "Value: HPE StoreOnce 3520 System ****** ******"

How can I monitor the overall Health Status?


I have downloaded the MIBs here:


Thanks for your help!