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StoreOnce 4220 x Red Hat 6.3 Connection Issue


StoreOnce 4220 x Red Hat 6.3 Connection Issue

I´m facing an issue when connecting a StoreOnce 4220 (FC) to a Red Hat 6.3 (x64) sever. I tried to present the VTLs to this Red Hat System without success. I´ve other FC devices successly attached to this System (eg.: EML Drives and 3PAR Volumes).


When I present the same VTLs to other systems (Windows, Red Hat 5.7 and/or HP-UX boxes), theses systems recognizes the VTLs correctly.


This is the driver and bios version of my HBAs (QMH2562 in a BL460 G7 System):


xxxxxx:/sys/class/scsi_host/host3} cat driver_version

xxxxxx:/sys/class/scsi_host/host3} cat optrom_bios_version



This Red Hat system don´t recognize the drives, changer even the SCSI BUS.


Have anyone seen this issue before?


Best Regards,





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