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StoreOnce 4500 Missing Virtual Tape Library

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StoreOnce 4500 Missing Virtual Tape Library

Hi guys,

Right now our storeonce is missing virtual tape library.  Could faulted disk cause this issue and would this problem be solved if the disk is replaced.

We are aware the product has reached EOSL. For the VTL, do we need active license to use that software or able to download from HP support page.

Version: 3.16.5-1746.4

2.pngThanks in advance for your time.


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Re: StoreOnce 4500 Missing Virtual Tape Library

A failed drive alone would not cause the VTL to go missing. Were you using VTLs before the drive failure?

Are there any faults on the StoreOnce main page, other than the hardware problem?

It could also be an issue related with the old code that you are running. You should consider upgrading the software to 3.18.18 or the new 3.18.20. Make sure you read the release notes as you will need to update to 3.16.7 or 3.18.7 before jumping to the latest codes.

In this particular situation I would replace the drive to make sure the hardware is healthy then reboot the StoreOnce. 

You do not need a license in order to use the VTL on StoreOnce.




Re: StoreOnce 4500 Missing Virtual Tape Library



I would suggest you contact HPE sales team.


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Re: StoreOnce 4500 Missing Virtual Tape Library

Hi Chip,

We do have some alert on the controller. I think it's due to outdated system firmware. We have reached HPE support too regarding the VTL.