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StoreOnce 5100 Replicating new data

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StoreOnce 5100 Replicating new data

Anyone has idea on how to export data from StoreOnce (NAS & VTL) to media (HDD) and import into StoreOnce in remote site.

Recently we decided not to use Catalyst as backup target and start to use NAS share. That means the whole NAS share  build up backup data from scratch. And now we have an issue with replication jobs accumulating; replication job can never catch up the backup jobs to complete, due to limited WAN link speed

Although moving back the StoreOnce from remote site to local site to replicate is an option, we would like to check if there is any tools or methods to handle such situation. There is always new data to backup, and the WAN link is never fast enough to catch up. We understand that StoreOnce support source dedup such that replication can be speed up without replicating redundant data between StoreOnce, however this does not apply to new backup data.

So I am just wondering is there any good idea in handling this.

We have thought about stopping other replication jobs and only leave the new one to complete the replication. But it seems that StoreOnce does not offer any interface/CLI to pause or manage the existing replication jobs; administrator can only stop or start replication per VTL/NAS.

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Re: StoreOnce 5100 Replicating new data

You  might want to check StoreOnce Concepts guide where explained about Replication Seeding (below is the lin and check on page no 84)