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StoreOnce 5100 - Slow Restore Performance Veeam Backup

Martin Hanspeter
Occasional Advisor

StoreOnce 5100 - Slow Restore Performance Veeam Backup


i´ve a BackupSolution with a HPE StoreOnce 5100 and a HP DL 380 Gen9 as BackupServer. We use Veeam Backup v9 as Backup Software. The StoreOnce is connected with 10 GBe to the BackupServer. Veeam use the Catalyst Store as Backup Repository.

The Backups are going very fast, with ca. 140 MB/s but we have big problems with the Restores. A restore of a entire VM is proceeding very fast, with more than 150 MB/s but the restore of some folders from the fileservers is gooing very very very slow with not more than 9 MB/s. Often the restore is proceeding with only a few hundret of KB/s.

We´ve open a case in Veeam but they could´nt help use.

Deos anyone have some recommondations or similar experience?

Thanks for your help