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StoreOnce 6500 - pending delete

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StoreOnce 6500 - pending delete

Hi, Can you please advice me regarding housekeeping which shows the status of pending delete with 72TB. Furthermore the last housekeeping for the service set is dated 2-3 months back. When i check the VTL tapes, i can also see 2-3 months tapes still exist. Does this mean the 72TB of storage is still kept on storeOnce pending delete?


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Sorry no one has replied before now. Yes, if house keeping is pending this means the 72TB has not been deleted. This behaviour sounds like you have housekeeping blackout windows configured? These windows prevent housekeeping from running. If you have the configured to span to great a time, or worse all the time, then the appliance is configured to either never delete, or delete so infrequently as to never delete the data you have requested.

If you dont have black windows configured, then please log a support call.


Neil Fleming

Team Manager for World Wide StoreOnce Product Management