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StoreOnce Catalyst size

Hello, when I point my Veeam server to the StoreOnce catalyst, it is only reporting that it sees 14TB of space, when the array is 28TB.  For some reason the StoreOnce created two 14TB volumes so I'm assuming that's what Veeam sees.  Why can't it utilize the whole array?  Thanks.



Re: StoreOnce Catalyst size


First apologies that someone hasnt replied to this before now. You don't specify if you are using StoreOnce VSA or a StoreOnce appliance, but either way, the StoreOnce software can certainly present all the capacity behind a single catalyst store.

Now, there are certain very good reasons to not do that, from security to performance, to dedupe ratio (contary to what many believe and some vendors will tell you - dedupe ratio and performance improves by limiting the search space to data that is likely to match - typically by data/OS type).

Veeam also has some limitations that may make a multi-store approach advantagous.

The other things to bear in mind - Don't think of Catalyst Stores as 'volumes'. They are a virtual construct and all the Catalsyst stores can consume capacity from the common pool of storage (so if you create 2 stores with 28TB provisioned, you aren't creating 2x 14TB volumes, you are creating 2 access points to the 28TB). Stores are always thin provisioned; so they only consume data as you write to them.

You can control the size by setting quotas on the store which may be what has happened in your case (if you check the catalyst stores in the catalyst tab you would be able to see if the stores have the quotas specified).

Here is the Veeam & StoreOnce guide which may help,

If you still have issues I encourage you to log a support call and we will be happy to help you out.

Thanks for using the forum and buying StoreOnce.

Neil Fleming, Team Manager, StoreOnce and Recovery Manager Central Product Management