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StoreOnce VSA Port Sets vs Subnets.

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StoreOnce VSA Port Sets vs Subnets.

Hello all,
I'm looking for advice regarding a VSA 4.1.1 network setup.
Actually having a single Port Set on the VSA and 1 IP for both Mgt and Data. I would like for some replication purposes create a new network in a VLAN.
What are the best practice ?

Adding a new VNIC from the ESXi to the VSA and hence add a new Port Set and setup network and VLAN ?
(I can also at the hypervisor level dedicate a physical NIC for a new vSwitch, create the Port Group and adding a VMNIC pointing to that Port Group.)


Editing the actual Port Set, adding a subnet and setup the network and VLAN ?

If yes I must setup vlan access at the Port Group level in ESXi, correct ?
(But in the end using always the same physical interface for all traffics)

The aim is to be able to replicate between somes VTL throught a dedicated VLAN.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: StoreOnce VSA Port Sets vs Subnets.

Hi guys, any idea ? 


Re: StoreOnce VSA Port Sets vs Subnets.

Hello @J-Philippe,

Adding a new VNIC will be the feasible option for your requirement.

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