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StoreOnce VTL vMotion

Hi all,

I have HPE StoreOnce 3640 which acts as a VTL and connected over iSCSI to VMware ESXi Distributed Switch and then to Virtual Machine,  all works like a charm! I was wondering if there is a chance to connect the StoreOnce VTL to two different ESXi hosts and have the VTL connected to the VM even after the VM vMotioned to the second ESXi host. I have tried already to make such setup, so I created a VTL that uses Active Passive bonding or Adaptive Bonding with two NICs and connected the NICs to two ESXi hosts. So the connection to VTL works well while "active" link is used, and as soon as I vMotion the VM to the second ESXi host the connection to the VTL lost, so looking for a possible solution.

I appreciate hearing your comments on this!




Re: StoreOnce VTL vMotion

Hello @AndriiBo,

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Am understanding you are trying to do a "failover" to a different ESXi host and is loosing connection to your StoreOnce VTL connected over iSCSI, right?

This is a normal behavior from a standard operation point of view and consider, as not mention in your inquiry, you may be missing ESXi High Availability Cluster to achieve this goal.  Clustering the 2 ESX hosts should resolve your problem 

Hope this help you.

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