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StoreOnce portset 10 network configuration

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StoreOnce portset 10 network configuration

Hi ,

I'm stuck with deployment on storeonce while creating portset network configuration. issue is i cannot create two portset (two ports from DC-A switch & two ports from DC-B) in the same vlan.

Is this limitation on storeonce 5200 (gen4) ?

Question : can i combine two different switch ports (one port from DC-A switch and 2nd port from DC-B switch) and configure as active-passive configuration (mode 1)? reason to do in this way is when my veeam server failover to DC-B it will still have connectivity to storeOnce through physical proxy servers.

i'm thinking  about other combinations to overcome this situation.

1. combine two different ports (1 port from DC-1 and 2nd port from DC-2) for active/ passive configuration ? i only have one vlan which is common in both data centers?

2. configure two vlan's for two different port set?

Please help if you face such issues? i contacted HPE support but no response so far.

Thanks, dpx

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Re: StoreOnce portset 10 network configuration

Hello @dpx ,

Till you get a response from a Community member, can you provide me the support case number through a private message so that i can take it to the concerned team.


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Re: StoreOnce portset 10 network configuration

I got answer from support - STOREONCE LIMITATION


i searched all the storeonce documentation and it was not written anywhere..... this is horrible it wasted a lot of time when documentation hasn't good information about limitation.

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Re: StoreOnce portset 10 network configuration

Month later, I stuck at the same point and always missing that point in the system user guide.

The only information is:

A maximum of 1 subnet, if configured with DHCP support IPv4 and IPv6 with no VLAN tagging.
A maximum of 2 subnets, if configured with static addressing, a separate subnet can be created for IPv4 and IPv6.
A maximum of 128 subnets per protocol (IPv4 and IPv6), if VLAN tagged subnets are created.


Thanks for your reply, I won't guess how much time I'll miss if you didn't.