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StoreOnce with VEEAM


I have one VEEAM 9.5(virtual machine) with 1x10GB

I have one StoreOnce 5200 with two NICs 10Gb (bounding) MTU 1500

I have questions:

1.- Do I need change MTU on my StoreOnce to 9000?
2.- Do I need enable jumbo frame in my LACP port switch?
3.- Do I need change any properties network VEEAM backup server?
4.- How many ratio MB/s backup with this configuration?



Re: StoreOnce with VEEAM

Hope this helps 

Changing the HPE StoreOnce MTU setting to 1496 and the client-side MTU setting to 1500 corrects the performance issue. It is likely that other MTU setting combinations will also work, assuming the HPE StoreOnce side has at least 4 bytes shorter MTU.

This defines the amount of data contained in an Ethernet frame, the default is 1500 bytes. Larger size frames, often referred to as "Jumbo"
Frame size, can improve performance of the Port Set. Use this field to increase or decrease the value, which must be an integer between 1280
and 9000.

IMPORTANT: Other devices on the network (clients and switches)must also be configured to enable Jumbo frames for transfer of frames larger than 1500 bytes to be possible and to avoid packets fragmenting or dropping.

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