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StoreOnceSoftware service in a cluster

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StoreOnceSoftware service in a cluster



I've a HP Data Protector 8.00 Cell Manager installed on a Windows 2008 R2 two nodes cluster with shared storage.

This same cluster hosts the HP DP BackupToDisk store with server side deduplication activated.


Everything is working properly except one thing :


when hp DP services (AS, CRS, IDB, IDB_CP) fail over from one node to the other everything is working except that the StoreOnceSoftware service does not start on the other node.


Indeed this service is not part of the clustered resources. I tried to add it but it can't be brought online.


So I've to manually start StoreOnceSoftware service when the other HP DP services fail over from one node to the other.


Is there a way to make this service work properly in cluster mode ?





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Re: StoreOnceSoftware service in a cluster

I checked our StoreOnce Integration Guide, and the only reference to Clusters I found was this:


"Deduplication is not supported on clusters."


StoreOnce is not part of Data Protector, so, I think that you may want to open a case with the StoreOnce support group, and ask them this question