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Storeonce 3540 File system ifs1 space 70.0% full.

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Storeonce 3540 File system ifs1 space 70.0% full.

File system ifs1 space 70.0% full. Increase storage capacity or delete data from file system ifs1 to prevent backup failure.

can any one help me to freeup space from device. please give me steps to clean up the space.

your support will help me a lot.


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Re: Storeonce 3540 File system ifs1 space 70.0% full.

To reduce the risk of system unavailability, monitor your disk storage capacity to ensure that storage utilization stays below 80%. Keeping available disk storage capacity above 20% offers the best backup and deduplication performance. Prior to reaching 80% utilization, consider adding additional disk storage and review best practices and implementation guides to insure the solution remains optimized.


Stop all backups and replication until disk space is reclaimed.


Expire media and overwrite cartridges with new data.


Delete unused virtual tape libraries (VTLs) or NAS shares where data has expired.


Delete synchronized replication targets, if they exist.


Delete any Store which you feel has not  IMP data…so that the space reclamation is very fast--DATA IS DELETED


Use backup software to perform a tape copy or object copy to physical tape.


Remove any housekeeping blackout window so housekeeping can process new tasks created by space to be reclamation tasks.


Think of adding more disk enclosures


CAUTION: Reformatting or deleting virtual cartridges does not always release space consumed in deduplication stores. Since the data can be referenced on multiple cartridges, only the changed data is reclaimed.

Space reclamation is not an immediate process  it might take days or weeks depends on the type of data.

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