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Storeonce 4420 outbound replication pausing


Storeonce 4420 outbound replication pausing

Hi folks,

Hope we're all back online after the HP split.

I have a replication question. Recently we upgraded our datacentre D2D2504i to a StoreOnce 4420 with software v3.12. One of the original D2D jobs was a set of replication tasks back to another D2D2504i on a separate site which worked fine.

I have set up the 4420 as a source to the still-licenced replication target and they can both see each other in the relevent appliance details tabs. Recreated the replication jobs and they start but instantly pause. Then restart and pause. Repeat ad infinitum.

Nothing is logged apart from 'replication job paused'. Before the festive season I found one paragraph in a StoreOnce manual that gave the impression I was attempting to set up a 'fan out' configuration which apparently isn't supported, but if I'm simply trying to copy 5 shares from one device to another with room to spare on the destination does anyone know why it won't run?