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Storeonce 5100 Status - Segments Space Over?

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Storeonce 5100 Status - Segments Space Over?


We added a couple of shelves to one of our 5100's as it was running very short of space (95% used!). Shelves successfully plugged in, licensed, created volumes, and expanded file system, so we are now 50% used. 

All statuses are green, no error, except in the Storage menu option, File System Report tab. In there it shows a status of "Segments Space Over, Mounted". I'm assuming the D2D is rebalancing the data across the newly created segments in the backgroud, hence the statuses are all green, and this is just an informational message which will disappear when background processing is complete.

Is this correct, or does this message mean something is wrong?




Re: Storeonce 5100 Status - Segments Space Over?

Hello, We have no rebalancing option at present when you Add new space it will slowly be occupied by the NEW Data coming in. But the Old Segments will still remain at the same as how it was. You can Log a Case with HPE if you still have any issues.

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