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Re: Storeonce Gen 3 snmp V3

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Storeonce Gen 3 snmp V3

Hello gents,

I have to configure snmp V3 on some Gen3 Storeonce (B6200, B6500 and B6600).

Looking in CLI reference guide it seems that V1/V2 and V3 can coexist and send traps to both trapsinks (under snmp show config the example has both).

Is it true?

To enable V3 snmp without affecting V1/V2 should I use the command "snmp enable version 3 allownonv3request yes" before adding the new V3 trapsink? 

Thanks and regards

Sergio Rolandi



Re: Storeonce Gen 3 snmp V3

Hello @sergio_rolandi 

This is documented in the guide:


This optional parameter can be provided during version 3 configuration. If the value is yes, versions 1and 2 are supported along with version 3. If the value is no, only version 3 is supported. If thisparameter is not included in the command entry, only version 3 is supported.

Let me know if you have more questions about this. 


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