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Storeonce VSA with VMWare

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Storeonce VSA with VMWare

Dear HP or Anybody!

Please help me in an urgent case with a Storeonce VSA problem: I've got an error message on Sunday from my Veeam console, that my scheduled backup job was failed. The main problem is our StoreOnce, because its saying:
ALERT System E08050000 false [ssid1] : D2DManager process state has changed: Information to Critical (SMM)
ALERT System E0805001b false [ssid1] : The system has detected a potential filesystem issue
INFO System E08050000 false [ssid1] : D2DManager process state has changed: OK to Information ()

the services status is:
Service Set 1 Status
------------- -------
Overall : Fault
StoreOnce Subsystem : Fault
Virtual Tape : Running
NAS : Running
StoreOnce Catalyst : Fault
Replication : Running
Housekeeping : Offline

Would anybody help me how could i solve it? (of course i tried a reboot) (Version : 3.18.7-1841.1)

Thank you in advance,


Re: Storeonce VSA with VMWare

Hello ,


Service Set 1 Status Faulty


We need to first check why the StoreOnce Catalyst Store is at fault.

Which Store in the Catalyst is at fault and then check the logs as to why its has failed and then need to bring it back online ..

There might be a Bad integrity file because of which the catalyst store is at fault.

I request to please log  case with HPE

I am an HPE Employee

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