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Storeonce iSCSI



create libary ISCSI

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Initiator iSCSI Name contains an invalid character or is incorrectly formatted.


Re: Storeonce iSCSI

iSCSI is a protocol for sending SCSI commands via Ethernet. It defines how SCSI packets are translated
to Ethernet packets and connects to the required devices. An iSCSI initiator may be hardware or software
and should be running on each host. If the host does not have an iSCSI initiator, it will not be able to
connect to the library configured on the StoreOnce System and will not be able to perform backups.

For iSCSI VTL devices a single Windows or Linux host can only access a maximum of 64
devices. A single library with 63 drives is the most that a single host can access. Configuring
a single library with more than 63 drives will result in not all devices in the library being seen
Overview 69
(which may include the library device). The same limitation could be hit with multiple libraries
and fewer drives per library.


This issue seems more from the HOST end...try rebooting the HOST or try connecting to a diffrent HOST if the same problem then get a case to HPE



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