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Tru64 Fibre Channel configuration for Virtual Tape Libraries

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Tru64 Fibre Channel configuration for Virtual Tape Libraries


Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction here. Unfortunately I don't have any Tru64 experience but I'm trying to assist a customer that is having issues seeing vtl devices from Tru64 operating systems. They have a vtl and Tru64 connected to cisco switches and devices mapped correctly but instead of Tru64 displaying a changer and 8 tape drives (9 LUNs in all) it displays a changer which is being reported as a tape device NOT a changer device and it shows 9 paths to this changer device.

Some statistics as follows...

HP Tru64: 5.1 and 5.1B-4
HBA Firmware Revisions: 3.81A4(2.01A0) and 3.93A0(1.40A1)
HBA Driver Revision: 1.21 and 2.06

They currently have a fair number of HPUX hosts connected and pumping data out to the vtl, but Tru64 is turning out to be a mission. They also have Tru64 connected and running to a physical tape library and this all works fine. Is there any configuration that needs to be made at the OS level, config files needing to be edited at all?

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?

I've asked them to schedule a reboot hoping that this will have an impact.

I look forward to reading through any comments or recommendations anyone may have.

Thank you...



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