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VLS 6653 Virtual Cartridges Not Expiring/Deleting Themselves

Michael Szeller
Occasional Advisor

VLS 6653 Virtual Cartridges Not Expiring/Deleting Themselves

I am running a VLS 6653 with firmware 2.2.0 and the latest patches, plus a couple that were released from HP to deal with an automigration compatibility with our LT04 MSL 4048.

I am using Echo Copy policies to mirror virtual cartridges onto matching physical cartridges. In the Echo Copy policies I have the retention set to 7 days. I expect the VLS to delete virtual cartridges that have been in the firesafe for more that 7 days to maintain room on the storage pool. This past weekend I nearly ran out of disk space (got a series of email alerts about disk space dropping below 10% counting down to 1% free). When I logged in and checked that cartridges in the firesafe it looks like they have not been deleting after 7 days, as they were going back almost a month, to the last time I rebuilt the storage pool. I had to manually delete a number of older cartridges to clear space.

Any ideas on this behavior? Have I not understood what the retain policy setting is about?