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VLS 6653 deduplication AND Novell nss volumes

Stephen Muzzin
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VLS 6653 deduplication AND Novell nss volumes

Could anyone please explain why none of my Novell 6.0 backups deduplicate at all. I get the message that no matches found. I am running Software version 3.1.2.P1 which I believe is the latest. I was looking to see what I could configure but there appears to be nothing.

I am running Netbackup 6.5 and will soon be migrating my Novell servers to Novell OES running on Suse. Is this OS supported?


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Re: VLS 6653 deduplication AND Novell nss volumes

Netware filesystem are suposedly not supported by VLS deduplication.

I ran into the same problem with DP 6.11, OES2 and VLS600.

All sessions with "normal" filesystems like ntfs or ext3 are deduped, but no nss volumes.

D2Dxxx systems seem to be the better option.
Efrain Valencia
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Re: VLS 6653 deduplication AND Novell nss volumes

Hello Stephen,

The previous answer is correct, as your current configuration does not provide Dedup support for Novell Netware filesystems, other backup applications in combination with the VLS Deduplication software provide may provide the support you require.

You can doublecheck it on the EBS Compatibility Matrix ( page 7 (November 2009 version)

The D2D devices may provide better dedup results, but please have in mind that it is because different reasons. The VLS Deduplication software is capable to decode your backup sessions and deduplicate accordingly, while the D2Ds only provide block-based deduplication, also known as Accelerated and Dynamic Deduplication.

Both will provide different results and will suit different requirements.

If you need to learn more about this please visit