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VLS 6870 Installation bug - Help!


VLS 6870 Installation bug - Help!

Just received a VLS-6780. Powered the unit up and let it run through its setup and configuration.

When completed I logged in through the CLI to configure the network settings. Upon entering the showConfig command I received an error that it could not connect to the network server service.

I called HP support and they indicated it had to be re-imaged.

Has anyone seen this?

Lastly, we tried to re-image but the restore process is not working. When hitting “r” for restore it just hangs. Tried several QR CDs... same thing. Has anyone seen any issues there as well?
Honored Contributor

Re: VLS 6870 Installation bug - Help!


Reboot the VLS.
Connect to VLS with ethernet cable, don't give any ip to your pc. (I used that method)
Start VLS discover utility, if the utility find your VLS, open your www browser and type your VLS address and login with administrator account. Then update your firmware with latest firmware that you can download from -> storage -> disk storage -> ...........
Latest firmware can fix some problems
After upgrade we can use 6840 VLS

If utility can't find your VLS or if you cannot upgrade fw (sometimes you can get java problems) please reimage your VLS with latest image cd that you can download from -> storage -> disk storage -> ........... and then immediately upgrade your firmware

Best Regards
Murat Suluhan